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Make a Bold Statement With Metallic Epoxy Flooring

Looking for unique flooring for your home or business in or near Fort Lauderdale, Florida? Metallic epoxy is a multi-layered floor coating that gives your floors a 3D effect. To create the material, we mix clear epoxy and a metallic additive. The result is eye-catching and often breathtaking.

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3 benefits of metallic epoxy

Installing metallic epoxy flooring is a great investment. With its long-lasting properties, you'll have quality flooring for years to come.

Many consider metallic epoxy for their flooring because...

  1. It's durable. Metallic epoxy flooring is extremely difficult to crack, stain or break.
  2. It's low-maintenance. Since metallic epoxy has no grouts, it's nearly maintenance-free.
  3. It's versatile. You can use metallic epoxy in residential and commercial buildings.

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